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How to make the perfect hollandaise sauce

Last year I went back to England to visit the family and my Mother-in-law was having this continuous battle making hollandaise sauce from scratch. Whenever she attempted it, which was fairly frequently, the sauce would curdle when she added the butter. I’m not sure if this is a common problem, but for those in the […]

My nemesis, poached eggs – how to get them just right!

OK, selfishly this info is specifically to help me. I watch the chefs at VinCino create perfect poached eggs every order and I’m in awe – how do they do it? Somehow whenever I attempt to impress the husband, which is on his birthday, my poached eggs break apart, overcook or sink. Needless to say […]

Eggs – does size really matter?

Historically I, like the average Joe, would buy my eggs from the supermarket. I always made a point to buy free range, but if I saw the box marked ‘jumbo’ for the same price as medium, I would grab it, after-all who doesn’t love a bargain. It wasn’t until I started working at VinCino and […]