Eggs – does size really matter?

Historically I, like the average Joe, would buy my eggs from the supermarket. I always made a point to buy free range, but if I saw the box marked ‘jumbo’ for the same price as medium, I would grab it, after-all who doesn’t love a bargain.
It wasn’t until I started working at VinCino and began a weekly trip to the Noosa Farmers Market for produce that I learnt – when it comes to cooking the perfect breakfast egg, size really does matter!
I was quickly informed by our great local egg supplier that the bigger the egg, the older the chicken and unfortunately, if you’re looking to cook a top breakfast egg (other than scrambled), which doesn’t splay when you crack it in the pan – the younger the better.
Therefore my cooking enthusiasts, like life, it’s the younger, smaller egg which is happy to maintain its shape, while the bigger, older (and some would say wiser egg) is happy to just let it all go in every direction once cracked, perfect for scrambling, but for that all important fried or poached egg – seek out the box marked medium.

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