How to make the perfect hollandaise sauce

Last year I went back to England to visit the family and my Mother-in-law was having this continuous battle making hollandaise sauce from scratch. Whenever she attempted it, which was fairly frequently, the sauce would curdle when she added the butter. I’m not sure if this is a common problem, but for those in the same boat, I asked Chef Simon what the trick was, and folks he’s sent out a life raft of tips.
First things first, your hollandaise reduction needs to be good, work with your ratios of white wine vinegar, white wine, brown onion, bay leaves and peppercorns.
Combine your hollandaise reduction with your egg yolks (this is called ‘sabayon’) and raise them to the same temperature as your melted butter. This (in theory) will stop the butter scrambling your eggs.
Serve immediately, or store in a warm place or a vacuum flask until needed: it doesn’t take kindly to reheating.
I’m not sure why hollandaise has such a fearsome reputation, but hope this info helps a bit in your quest for the perfect accompaniment for that eggs benedict or vegetable topping – or simply to impress your friends at dinner parties. If all else fails, simply rip the label off the jar!

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