My nemesis, poached eggs – how to get them just right!

OK, selfishly this info is specifically to help me. I watch the chefs at VinCino create perfect poached eggs every order and I’m in awe – how do they do it? Somehow whenever I attempt to impress the husband, which is on his birthday, my poached eggs break apart, overcook or sink. Needless to say he’s been getting scrabbled most years.
But as always the VinCino experts have shared some much needed knowledge and embarrassingly, it’s pretty bloody simple!
In order for poached eggs to work they need to hold their shape when placed in simmering water. The protein on the outside of the egg reacts to acidity and water alone isn’t acidic enough. So what I need to do in future is add vinegar to the water increasing its acidity, making my little egg pull together in a yummy ball of gooey goodness. And to make it work even better, give that water a little swirl before I plop my egg in to help give it a nice shape (presentation is everything folks).
Cook for 2-3 minutes for a semi-soft yolk or 3-4 minutes for a firm-set yolk, without stirring. And, to stop the cooking process, simply pop into some cold water and onto a paper towel before placing on a perfectly buttered slice of toast.
Next birthday I may even combine with some smoked salmon and hollandaise sauce!

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